Have you ever felt like an underdog? Well, Helmutt, a white standard poodle pup did on a regular basis. His emotionally abusive father didn't help Helmutt's ego.

     When Helmutt was given the chance to become a rescue dog, he proved himself over and over again because of his natural ability to track.  He outperformed two bloodhounds, Jethro and Cletus and in the process, managed to  make them his best friends, but that still wasn't good enough for his dad.
Helmutt was given two more exciting opportunities to show what he was made of, once when faced with rescuing his own little sister and her companion from kidnappers.

The second opportunity arose when he filled in for his brother at the coveted dog show Paws on Parade. The question remained: Did he have what it took to be a winner, and would he ever be able to make his father proud?


Join Helmutt and his animal friends for a hair-raising adventure that proves animals are smarter than we think.

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